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Areola Mound Placement

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Areola Mound Placement Empty Areola Mound Placement

Post by Emme-Kate on 29th June 2011, 8:30 pm

Hello Mr.Davison,it's a pleasure to be able to have an expert online to talk to! I do appreciate your insite!

I was wondering if the areola mound can be placed anywhere the doctor chooses during an anchor lift or is there a limit to high high/where they can put it on the breast?

I'm 6 weeks post-op today and my appointment is Friday.I have had concerns with mine looking low since I first saw them.If this needs a re-op to adjust the areola mound,is it an easy fix or very complex?My surgeon has told me they will look higher as they settle but quite Frankly,the areola mound looks the same in all photos I have taken.The only thing that looks different is the redness and swelling that comes and goes.

I have my album online with pics up to day 37.I will add my 6 weeks photos today and them let you have a look if you'd like to.I need your advice as this is a big worry for me.

My stats: 5' 10" tall about 132-140 pounds(I flucuate)
Size 6
Post-op bra size was 34DD,not deflated they just went a bit south due to breast
feeding 2 children.Originally was a 34DDD before children
I had Mentor Mod profile 400cc on the left and 350CC on the right.
Full anchor lift
BJSF Addict

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Areola Mound Placement Empty Nipple position

Post by John Davison on 10th July 2011, 2:04 pm


Sorry its taken so long for me to reply. How are things??

Nipple position is marked pre-op, based on you body shape and height, and what size you are wanting to be. Making them too high is not good. If they are too low, in relation to your breast "mound" and implant position, it can be adjusted, but it is a re-operation/ general anaesthetic etc, not easy or straightforward. Are you 3 months get?? The implant usually drops down, making the nipple height more central.

If you post some pics I may be able to comment further.

John Davison
John Davison
Breast Buddies' Resident Surgeon
Breast Buddies' Resident Surgeon

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