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would i be eligible for corrective surgery nhs ?

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would i be eligible for corrective surgery nhs ? Empty would i be eligible for corrective surgery nhs ?

Post by gill19 on 10th January 2015, 7:24 pm

Hi, I am new here and extremely nervous. I am hoping someone can advise me. I had breast augmentation in 1999 as I was so flat chested and didnt feel like a normal woman. My implants have gone hard and very badly mis-shaped. I put up with the pain and discomfort all this time so i could look normal to other people. Unfortunately, my mum was diagnosed with breast cancer in march 2012 and had chemo, a left mastectomy and radiotherapy. My mum and myself and 2 sisters have been refused genetic testing by Leeds genetics as they say we are not high risk.
My partner of 24 years who was a massive boob lover left me 2 months ago and I had the worst news ever when told on 2nd January 2015 that the cancer has spread to my mums liver and it is terminal. I am finding all this so hard to deal with and without my partner I am having to deal with it on my own.
Also I have found a lump and was given an immediate appointment so I went on Thursday, had a scan and the consultant told me he wanted to scan me again in 2 months. He was very good and kind (he did the mastectomy on my mum). He says I am trying to cope with too much at the moment and has arranged for me to see a psychologist. He has told me that the NHS will remove my implants but will not replace them. I asked if he would remove all the breast tissue as well as I am obviously terrified of breast cancer but he said it would have to go the ethics committee or something like that. I was so upset at the time that I didn't really take it in.
Has anyone else had similar experiences and if so what happened ? All the stories on here are about wanting implants or matching breast sizes. I haven't seen any stories like mine.
Thank you
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would i be eligible for corrective surgery nhs ? Empty Re: would i be eligible for corrective surgery nhs ?

Post by mrsball on 10th January 2015, 7:33 pm

Hi gill and welcome to the forum 
I'm ever so sorry to hear this gill, what a lot for you to be dealing with right now. 

Unfourtnatly I'm not so sure regards mastectomy and eligibility on the Nhs. 

I'm sure our lovely cookie will have some more advise to offer than I can, as she's is clued up on all things boob related! 

My heart goes out to you at this very terrible time for you 

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would i be eligible for corrective surgery nhs ? Event

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would i be eligible for corrective surgery nhs ? Empty Re: would i be eligible for corrective surgery nhs ?

Post by COOKIE on 10th January 2015, 9:22 pm

Firstly Gill, welcome to Breast Buddies and please don't be nervous of asking anything here. Once you join Breast Buddies 'we're all in it together' Hug

I am deeply sorry to read of your poor mums terminal diagnosis that must be so, so hard for you and as much as I fully understand youd like your partner to be there for you right now, I'm sorry if you feel I speak out of turn here but I feel you're well shot of a 'man' and I say that word loosely in reference to one that leaves his woman when she's needs him most. You're worth so much more than that Gill. 

Of course focus is on mum right now and as a family supporting one another, so I hope you and your sisters can at least all get together and have good girly nights with mum making precious memories, hard as that is, I swear it's something you'll all look back on in fondness later. 

The lump you found Gill. Did the surgeon say what it was? I've just gone through similar myself hun and being a cancer survivor of over 20 years, they still pushed things through pretty quickly but I was referred for an MRI after the Ultrasound. Thankfully mine was a lymph node, I'm guessing yours was too since your surgeon wants to take a look again in a month which will likely be to see if there's been any changes in the lymph node. I was referred on for further investigation because of the size of the lymph node and its shape. But thankfully it's nothing sinister as I presume you also found so I'm thankful for that as im sure you are too, but with everything going on with your mum I can imagine how you were scared X 2! Hug

It's good you've been offered the psychological help, this is a huge load for you to be carrying Gill so having someone just focused on you and your needs. That's VERY important to help you get through this right now and I hope you gain some comfort from having them there for you. 

As far as your boobs go, if they're already hard and capsulated then I'd personally just get those out and that's one concern out of the way for you. The question about the breast tissue removal will probably change from post-code to post-code unfortunately which is why anything that the hospital deems 'beyond a duty of care', they need to get permission for the funds to pay for that. So, taking the capsulated implants out would solve one problem, you have no Breast cancer it wouldn't be deemed 'necessary' to remove the breast tissue also, so they will remove the implants and stitch you back up. 

Like with Mrsball my heart too goes out to you and I would suggest, if you can afford it and it's what you want that you maybe also consider going private and speaking to an oncologist about having the gene test done and if necessary the removal of the breast tissue also

I'm so, so sorry I can't be of any further help Gill but do sincerely wish you well. Xx

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would i be eligible for corrective surgery nhs ? Bannercry

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would i be eligible for corrective surgery nhs ? Empty Re: would i be eligible for corrective surgery nhs ?

Post by lairyfairie on 10th January 2015, 10:44 pm

HI Gill,

Thanks for sharing your story, you must be all over the place at the moment. Sorry I have no advice to offer, I really hope that someone can help you more. . Big hugs x
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would i be eligible for corrective surgery nhs ? Empty Re: would i be eligible for corrective surgery nhs ?

Post by Sponsored content

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