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My question??

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My question?? Empty My question??

Post by Leighann82 on 11th June 2010, 6:24 pm

Hi All, My question?? 321562
I was accepted to have BA on 26th April through the NHS and have been told it should be done by 30th August (18 week deadline).
I have always been small busted, and as all my family are all large busted it was an issue for me, but i tried to accept that I just wasnt gifted in that area, and I managed with it for 26 years. Up until I gave birth to my son. I lost an awful lot of weight as I was quite ill after having him, although the advantage was being a size 8 after being 12 before having him. I had however lost every inch of fat on my top half of my body leaving me completley flat chested that I could no longer look at myself without being disgusted. I ended up with severe depression as this broke down my relationship with my sons father as I became completley self conscious. I started to see a councillor, and was prescribed antidepressents. I had never thought it was possible to get a BA on NHS and hadnt even thought about it, until i found out my ex partners sister in-law had had hers done thorugh the NHS (10 years ago). I then appraoched my GP and asked her would this be considered, I had been through councilling taken antidepressents to no avail, and I had got that low I started to feel guilty of what my depression was doing to my son that I had thought about not being here. She examined me and who wrote a letter to my local hosiptal but did advise that this is all she could do. I was made an appointment with the PS and after meeting with him (Oct 09) he agreed I met the criteria, he wasnt going to agree to it as he wanted me to continue to see a counsellor as he didnt feel I was mentally stable at that time, and I was to re-see him 3 month later. A few appointments later with PS and one with a breast care specialist who basically asked me questions to see if I was having the procedure done for the right reasons, I had my last appointment on 26th April in which i was told they had now stopped doing the procedure (as of 31st March) on the NHS. All he could do was put my case forward as I had started the process before this deadline however it was not his desicion and I was told not to get my hope up. I was gutted by this as I had been seeing them since October and my April appointment should have been in March however the PS was on 3 week leave so I felt it was so unfair and thought it was just my luck. I was told I would her something in 2 week, which I didnt so I made a phone call and was told it had been agreed and that they had put me on from my last appointment date. Straight away there was been a change in me, just the thought of knowing I am getting the bust I have always longed for and can start rebuilding my confidence. I am nervous/scared but excited at the same time. The only thing is since being put on the waiting list and change in me (happier), I have gained a little weight back in my bust, although I am still a small A cup, I do have quite a bit more breast tissue than I had when I was accepted for the surgery, i put this down to a decrease in anxiety now I know i have something to look forward to. One is slightly smaller but isnt as noticable now I have gained a little weight. Would they take me off the waiting list because of this??? I am a bit scared that when they finally give me a date and a have my meeting to be measured etc that he will notice the change and then say I no longer need it? Do you think they would they do this??? My question?? 476424

(sorry for the essay My question?? Icon_eek )

Leighann. xxx
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My question?? Empty Re: My question??

Post by sars3dd on 13th June 2010, 11:42 am

Hi Leighann,
so sorry to read all you have been through. I know its hard to understand the depression and even harder for others to understand.

I dont think the nhs would say now, as even if you put on weight, you boobs might increase even more but they will never be in proportion with your body. I honestly hope they wouldnt change your mind. I have lost some weight since my appointment last year and was worried they wouldnt give me the size i was when pregnant but it wasnt an issue.

I know its a rollercoaster with the nhs hun, your happiness lies in someone elses hands and its a horrible feeling x
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My question?? Empty Re: My question??

Post by cleo on 22nd June 2010, 8:47 am

I unerstand your concern. Hopefully after all what you've been through the NHS will take that into consideration. When giving boob jobs on the NHS they do take your previous/current mental state into consideration. And you say your a small A cup now so they havent gone much bigger.
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My question?? Empty Re: My question??

Post by Sponsored content

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