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Feeling so down!

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Feeling so down!

Post by _wildflower_ on 28th June 2017, 11:50 am

I've had so many issues since surgery with the placement of one of the implants being too high up... and one implant being too big... resulting in a really wonky appearance, also a bad scar on my areola reduction due to infection from the crappy nurses.

I went through hell trying to get my surgeon to listen to my concerns and stop acting like they were nothing! They finally agreed to revise for free but I was left with 0 trust for them.  

This was over one year ago, I've left it in the hands of a solicitor and they said it will take 18 months at least to sort, they told me that I had a case, I was to wait for a call to arrange for a medical expert to look at me, I asked them how long this would be and they said a few months and to wait for contact.

I heard nothing, 9 months later I called them thinking they would be half way through my case after everything I was told and she said....''oh was it an enquiry??" They hadn't even opened a file after telling me that they had.

Cannot believe it. 

I only have 3 years after the BA to make a claim and this has wasted so much time so now I am back at square one looking for another solicitor, and feeling like I should have just agreed to the revision from my crappy suregon as it would be better than nothing! I am scared that this will get no where and I will be left so wonky and unhappy there is no way I can afford more surgery and my trust in anyone is destroyed...

Sorry for the moan
but this is a nightmare.
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Re: Feeling so down!

Post by loui1981 on 4th September 2017, 10:12 pm

i am sorry no one has replied to you. 
I understand what it is like to be disappointed and how scary it must be to be facing a revision ok. 
how are you feeling now?
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