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Implant removal and uplift? Anyone had this?

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Implant removal and uplift? Anyone had this?

Post by louisajane82 on 2nd June 2016, 8:37 am

Hi there!

Haven't been here in a while! I had my implants nearly 5 years ago, I had quite 'low' boobs (surgeon's words lol!) but I was scared of an uplift at the same time because of the scarring, and also I was hoping that with just implants I would get the look that I was after, kind of Kelly Brook type natural.. This is what I ended up with and I've been happy with them up until around a year ago.. I feel like they have drooped a bit, and I am longing to wear things that I don't need a bra for, but can't.. I also have had issues with one of them flipping over and this has got progressively worse and is becoming annoying!! And freaky!!! I have also had some random pains so now I am wondering whether to just have the implants taken out and have an uplift with my own breast tissue only. I am not so worried about size, I had 34d to start with so hopefully there will be enough there!! 

I am wondering whether anyone else has done this or anything similar? I am worried about scarring around nipples mostly, but seen some great recovery pics and my original scars don't show at all now, and haven't for ages..

I originally had surgery with Mr Meleagros at Transform and I have been super happy with the results, he is a great surgeon, and I have booked a consultation with him in 2 weeks so I will see what his advice is. I just wondered if anyone had any advice or experience with either just an uplift or removal and uplift?

Thanks so much - I love this forum, just been having a read through some uplift threads and love the way everyone is so supportive :) 

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Re: Implant removal and uplift? Anyone had this?

Post by flojojo on 2nd June 2016, 5:31 pm


I have just had mine removed, no uplift though. I had my 380s for 3yrs and was pretty happy with them but times change and have prioritise my health! I had been getting night sweats since they were 'installed' and I'd had enough of worrying about them in the future.

I only had them removed 3days ago but already I feel so much better, skin slightly droopy but I'm not stressing as in time I'm sure it will improve.
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