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My Breast Uplift/Reduction 6th July 2016

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My Breast Uplift/Reduction 6th July 2016

Post by Anne1955 on 25th July 2016, 1:24 pm

Hi everybody, I am a newbee here.  Just wanted to find out from any ladies who have had the above procedure and if they were happy three weeks post surgery as I am today. 
Firstly when I had the dressings removed last week and was frightened when I seen my breasts.  The nipples, one looks larger than the other and the skin is puckered around the areola and the lollipop scaring is very robe like and thick. 
I do not know if this is all normal as I only see the surgeon for my review in two weeks time.
I want to posted before and after photos, three weeks post surgery, but don't know how
I would appreciate any advice.
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Re: My Breast Uplift/Reduction 6th July 2016

Post by Lucy106 on 25th July 2016, 6:45 pm

Hello! You definitely can't pay much attention to how they look at the moment - it will take months to see anywhere near your final result! I had augmentation back in Dec last year and my scars are still quite red and definitely not flat yet! 

I also had one areola a lot bigger looking than the other - they looked really lopsided for a while! Naturally one areola was a little bigger anyway - I think it got stretched from breast feeding, however straight after surgery it just looked more so!! It's settled down now though. I know it's hard but patience really is key!

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Re: My Breast Uplift/Reduction 6th July 2016

Post by happygal15 on 16th November 2017, 9:40 am

Hi Anne. I had mine done in Manila with Dr Rino Lorenzo. During my consultation with Dr. Lorenzo, I explained that this time I wanted to have a lift, have my implants placed under the muscle. I had saline implants, and honestly they were fine, but I wanted to switch to the new silicone gel implants because they feel more natural. When we discussed size, I thought I was okay with my current size. Dr Lorenzo assessed the size of my frame, and said we could go a little smaller, but suggested that I probably would look better if I didn’t go too small.  We discussed all my concerns and I felt confidant that Dr. Lorenzo could create the look I wanted. I must add that Dr Lorenzo has a good eye for aesthetics and knows what looks good for each person. I don’t know if this comes from experience or is just a natural talent, I suspect it’s both. That’s why I trusted his opinions. Regarding my results, My boobs look natural only they are more firmer and lifted now than before.  It really looks better and believe it makes me feel younger.
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Re: My Breast Uplift/Reduction 6th July 2016

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