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BA done on 17/5/11. Does anyone else have this...

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BA done on 17/5/11. Does anyone else have this...

Post by SpicySunshine on 26th August 2011, 9:21 pm

Surgery done in May 2011, 6-month follow-up is in November 2011. Before I go back and whine about what I consider issues, I would like to hear from you all too.

Here's an overview:

After I got saline implants in May, the right breast (which is my dominate side) was smaller than the left breast in less than a month after surgery (not to mention that I am still smaller than I was hoping, but that's my own personal issue I guess.) I was told it was my muscles contracted and it would relax after a few months... Okay fine. Now it is the end of August and it seems I've "fluffed," relaxed and balanced out, BUT the right breast is still smaller than the left... just less noticable as long as my arms remain down by my sides and I stay slouched.

When I put my arms up and lock my hands behind my head, the right breast is VERY much smaller than the left. Is this normal and are you the same way?

In addition, since my left breast is still larger, I notice it is still pretty hard. I can lay on them, but the left gets uncomfortable... like I'm laying on a tennis ball after too long.

My doctor told me that he would not discuss anything until after it all had settled in 6 months, which will be in November. I am fearful that this is what I will have to live with. I wanted EVEN, LUSCIOUS BOOBS the first time. Am I wrong to think that's what I would get?


PS: I'm afraid to give the PS name because they seem to be on several web sites and I keep getting contacted by their office based on what I post on public sites. I feel attacked and paranoid that I can't receive information without them intercepting.
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Re: BA done on 17/5/11. Does anyone else have this...

Post by kristenb89 on 27th August 2011, 2:30 pm

oh you poor thing! its only been three months, please try and be patient. it took me longer until it settled down. it wasnt until 5months post op that i could sleep on them without a pillow underneath! theyre soft now but only in the past few months! so maybe just give it time...

on the size, everybodys boobs are different and theres always one boob bigger than the other, my surgeon told me that if there is a differece between the two it will only look bigger after the BA. i havent noticed anything to be honest but its something that is obviously bothering you so keep asking questions, and hopefully you'll eventually get and answer. i hope all ends up well for you x
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Re: BA done on 17/5/11. Does anyone else have this...

Post by kay on 27th August 2011, 3:58 pm

I think everyone has different sized boobs to a certain degree or another xx

I had different sized implants for asymmetry but am still slightly bigger on my dominant side xx I think most people are Hug

Depends how much of a difference there is shrug whether or not you can live with it and whether or not anything can be done about it shrug

Maybe just don't walk around with your arms up and locked behind your head :thumbs: heh heh Hug

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Re: BA done on 17/5/11. Does anyone else have this...

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