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silicone migration

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silicone migration Empty silicone migration

Post by mimimax83 on 26th November 2012, 10:24 am

Hi Mr Davison,

I have been cosidering a BA for some time now and have been researching potential complications. I have copy and pasted a quote from a reasearch website and would be very interested to hear your thoughts on if/how silicone gel chnages viscosity once inside the body.
I quote;

''Research has shown that silicone gel in implants can break down to
liquid silicone at normal body temperatures, and there are reports of
silicone leakage and migration from implants to the lymph nodes and
other organs.11
What happens if liquid silicone migrates to the lungs, liver, or other
organs? A study published by the Royal Academy of Medicine in Scotland
found that a woman with a broken silicone gel implant in her calf was
coughing up silicone identical to the kind in her implant.12
This has potentially serious implications for women with breast
implants, since silicone gel breast implants are considerably larger and
closer to the lungs than calf implants.''

Many thanks
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