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Open Wounds

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Re: Open Wounds

Post by bambi671 on 14th February 2010, 8:17 pm

Holy pants you've been through a lot Gayley, and you too Ditto...

I sincerely hope that you heal quicker this time round. Have you given up smoking then as I know smoking starves the tissue of oxygen, that's why it doesn't heal very quick?

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Re: Open Wounds

Post by Gayley on 14th February 2010, 9:23 pm

I dont know Bambi, and tbh Im not too convinced it makes a tremendous amount of difference, and before those jump down my throat to explain why I think the way i do....

In March 2000 I had a tummy tuck, I was slashed from hip to hip, this op was mega intrusive....muscles were penetrated, scaring, and the risk of breakdown was a high probabillity......I wasnt advised not to smoke, I continued to do so, I was divorcing my first Hubby @ the time so nerves were fraught and they helped with the stress.....I healed at a good rate and with no problems.......

My first ba in 2000 I continued to smoke, again no problems whatsoever.....the lift ba last year and the wound breakdown i suffered was put down to smoking ?? Now i dont for one minute advocate smoking...its a filthy habit that i hate....ive tried quitting 3 times and will continue to do and wont stop until im eventually smoke free....but having endured the op's that ive had (gastric band also.....forgot that one)....had no change in the amount smoked....maybe my cynisisum could be justified slightly??.....It cant help i know this....for many reasons....I dont think it was down to this entirely though in my case.....
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