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Not so good news today, =(

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Re: Not so good news today, =(

Post by Jemmy on 17th September 2009, 6:18 pm

You go get those boobies you deserve!!
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Re: Not so good news today, =(

Post by Jade on 17th September 2009, 6:34 pm

boobs are better than cars!

Good Luck hun, I'm sorry it wasn't great news yesterday xx
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Re: Not so good news today, =(

Post by Mia on 17th September 2009, 9:22 pm

Hi Shining Star xx

Well I was not as brave as you, I read your message earlier and could not find the strength to reply...SORRY SS!! You are soo brave!!

Anyway, my thoughts, and I am sure you will take them in the manner they are meant to help you think cleary because I truly do care.

like Annie's thoughts, this is not just cosmetic surgery, though it appears to now being dealt with as such. As far as I, and you, I believe were aware, your appointment yesterday was to give you the all clear or otherwise for the op. on your whole chest, not part of after checking scar tissue was gone after the three month wait since last visit, and offer a date.

This is ignoring the facts of the effects on your whole health and wellbeing, mentally, emotionally and physically and all areas of your life that this encroaches on. I believe you are too vulnerable to agrree to your body being used as a test case for research at present, if they were to do the needed op. and have good results to show they have improved and helped you with your full knowledge and control over it then perhaps at a later stage think of it.

Reporters mmmmmm think that is the last thing you need, remembering that few people know of your op. and the outcome, how will you feel about it when you have your op and life is back to normal? Even if they were to do the right thing by you? I believe from what you say you will lose in every sense from allowing this SS.

They should have informed you of their intentions well before the appointment and asked your permission. I just wish I or sommeone had been with you xx

None of us could think straight in this situation let alone when you feel soo low and gratefull.....for what?

Not sure if I am just getting rid of anger here SS or making any sense, but please remember you deserve respect! and, the best treatment, also, that they did offer it to you, and built yor hopes up, just look what you have done to enable this, got fit and healthy, and massaged, laughed and cried and they have changed their mind after meeting without you!!

I am soo pleased and proud of you ...sell that go girl as fast as you can to a reconstructive surgeon who will treat and respect you and provide you with the bestest boobs ever.

I do hope you except this in a friendly positive way SS!! xxx

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Re: Not so good news today, =(

Post by Sponsored content

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