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Advice - do I need revision surgery?

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Advice - do I need revision surgery?

Post by dangleberry on 17th August 2016, 8:20 pm

I had my BA in December '15, so approx. 8months ago.

Right breast I don't ever feel, looks great, no issues.  From the first few days, I noticed that on left side there was what I would describe as a slight indentation in the cleavage - if you imagine a clock its kind of at the 8 o'clock position.

This has become more noticeable over time, when I had my 6 months check up surgeon said yes it was visible and that it must have been caused by me not having enough breast tissue on that side.  BUT - that was my slightly bigger side!  I didn't argue with him, as I was just relieved he didn't think it was CC (or anything worse).

Since then though (so about 2 months), I feel its become more noticeable, and its always the left one I feel when I do something.  I wouldn't describe it was painful, its more like something pulling/as if something is too tight - and it feels as though its in the area with the indentation.

I wasn't completely flat before BA, and considering I had under muscle I don't buy the lack of breast tissue story.

I am booked to see surgeon in October - I'd like it sorting out but don't want to have to pay.  Do I stand a chance of this?  Of all the possible issues - rippling, CC etc, this was not something that I was warned about. 

Its like the implant is being restricted at a small point on the edge of the implant and that's causing the distortion & the 'pain'/pulling feeling.  As if the pocket isn't quite wide enough?

Am I being too picky?  Are there always going to be minor issues? 

Any advice/thoughts?

I went with Mr Graham Offer at Spire, Leicester.  Had 255cc anatomicals, under muscle, 34B to 34D.
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Re: Advice - do I need revision surgery?

Post by ScotsGirl78 on 17th August 2016, 8:26 pm

Oh hunni I'm sorry I'm so new to all of this. 

I hope someone can help you xx
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Re: Advice - do I need revision surgery?

Post by muddypaws on 22nd August 2016, 8:58 pm

My personal opinion is whatever it is it shouldn't be causing you pain Hun, I'd def go back and see him in October, write down what you want to say as it can be easy to be led away from the issue when your speaking to them. Ask what your options are with it and if your not happy with the outcome I'd probably look at going for a consultation with another surgeon to get a second opinion, and see how it marries up with what your surgeon tells you. Good luck and let us know how your getting on xxx
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Re: Advice - do I need revision surgery?

Post by Charlii on 11th September 2016, 1:07 pm

Never think you are being too picky. You know your body, and if its not right, its not right. Keep going back to your surgeon until they take you seriously and investigate it properly. It took me 4/5 times going back before they offered me a re-op (which I turned down for my own reasons). 

Write down all your concerns so you don'd get sidetracked or wow'd over by their charm (as they inevitably try to do...oh its fine, im the expert, dont worry), and dont leave until all your questions are answered and you're happy with them. 

Best of luck


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Re: Advice - do I need revision surgery?

Post by Sponsored content

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