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Revision then....

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Revision then....

Post by _wildflower_ on 9th May 2016, 12:07 pm

So after arriving for my 9.25 appointment to see my surgeon this morning to be told she is not in until 12 I managed to see her at 12 after wasting a morning!

So that's another problem to add to the list....

So she apologised and brought up that I am not happy with the areola, I also said yes this implant is also too big on one side.

She had a look and started justifying the areola, I said no, it's distored and stretched and that was not something that was mentioned before hand, she said you're counting the scarring which i did mention, I said no it is long and egg shaped and twice the height of the other side! She said well if i measure.....I said I've measured myself!! She recons they are the same size anyway.......b******t

She said it's just the height from the scar at the top being bad... I said yes it's bad because of the horrendous aftercare which left me with an infection....she said this will all be very difficult if I don't let her give her opiniion....I said I've had enough other opinions by other surgeons....she said to let her I said there and bit my tongue.

She said my implants are healthy and there is no CC...last time I went in she told me I had CC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then she said something about it being a shame I didnt go to her before.....I did and she fobbed me off........

Then something about it being a shame I didnt say something within 6 months???????

Then that she can easily put another implant in but she would do the same size as the other one so it may end up being smaller.........that is not a solution!

She said she will put a dart in around the areola to stop it stretching again....and she will do it all for free....she will see what she can sort out with the hospital........and it will be a day case...

Immediately I felt relivieved...but now I feel I have heart way too many contradictions come out of her mouth to be able to trust her!!!

What do I do.....
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Re: Revision then....

Post by _wildflower_ on 9th May 2016, 12:14 pm

Oh and I just remeasure....without including scarring and it is still way off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! she is a joker.
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Number of posts : 231
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