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How did you finally take the plunge?

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How did you finally take the plunge?

Post by Daisychains on 19th March 2016, 8:38 pm

After 18 months off this site, just occasionally checking in, I am back having had some consultations and on the advice of the Dr I think I will go with, decided to wait until I'd completed my family. And here I am with baby number 3 now 7 months old and having enjoyed 6 months of fabulous breast feeding boobs, they are shrivelled back to nothing and I want them back. 

So, I know I want the surgery. I know who I want to do it. I know how big I want to go. 

BUT something is stopping me - maybe I've over researched after so many years of considering it. But what if it goes wrong, why would I put my healthy body through surgery when I can pad a bra, what if I dont feel like me and what if I have them out in future, then what would I look like?! (can you tell I am over reading explant stories) Argh I just dont know what to do. I really want it but to be honest I am **naughty word** myself. Did anyone ever feel 100% it was the right thing before???

I am planning to go with Rajiv Grover by the way - am currently barely filling an AA cup and want super natural maybe 225's tops!
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Re: How did you finally take the plunge?

Post by Lucy106 on 20th March 2016, 2:24 pm

I was the same - I felt the same as you for years but last year on holiday I just suddenly snapped!!  I think its because I'm 37, my body isn't as firm as it used to be and I wanted something nice to spruce me up!!  Also it really helped that a friend locally had them done so could recommend a surgeon.  That was a massive factor for me.  Because I knew someone else that had it done and it didn't end in tears, I knew I'd be ok.  I went with the same surgeon as her and I couldn't be happier! x
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Re: How did you finally take the plunge?

Post by blush89 on 20th March 2016, 10:16 pm

I had a consult booked with Mr Grover but ended up cancelling because I booked with Mrs Kat (my first and only consult but I really liked her) but I researched for months and he's meant to be amazing!! He was also pricier compared to Mrs Kat but then he is based in Central London so to be expected!

It's so hard, I can't really give you any advice as only you can make the decision when it comes down to it. I'm quite a impulsive person and I remember one day just booking the consults in a moment of madness. My mums has hers diner but if she hadnt I'm not sure I would have gone through with it. She gave me so much support and advice I remember thinking 'well if mum can do it and look great so can I!' Next thing you know I'd booked in! It all happened really fast, but I had been thinking about it for years. 

It sounds as though you are going small and natural which is what I went for too. Of course the dreaded boob greed fairy struck but over all I can't believe how natural they look. They are nearly a year old now and everyone says how natural and proportionate they look. So much so I genuinely forget I have them sometimes and then have a mini heart attack when I remember! 

It's made me a lot more confident it I wouldn't necessarily say it's made me worry less. Before my worries were all about being flat chested and now my worries are all about how long they'll last, will I ever have problems or complications, what happens when I need to change them, do they feel hard to touch, can you feel the implant, should I have gone biger... 

See! For me it's an endless cycle of worry lol!
I drive my mum mad! 

Nothing's gonna make you make a decision other than your own heart Hun. I will say I definitely don't regret it and love them to bits, but also it doesn't 'fix' any insecurities as it kind just creates new ones lol!! Either way, I'm sure you'll look fabulous xxxxx
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Re: How did you finally take the plunge?

Post by Lucy106 on 21st March 2016, 6:51 am

Blush that is so true!!! All my old insecurities replaced by those exact new ones!! Hadn't even thought of that before u said it!

Still wouldn't change it tho!

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Re: How did you finally take the plunge?

Post by Twinky on 21st March 2016, 8:27 am

For me, it was almost definitely ALWAYS going to happen, it was just a question of when.
I saw a surgeon at Transform 10 years ago, but never went ahead with it, as I knew I wanted more children and just thought at that time, there was other things I should be spending y money on.

But, after I had finished having ,y kids, and I'd managed to get fit and feel pretty good about my body, the awful sadness was still there in the boob department.
Hated it if an occasion was coming up, because I just felt like an athletic looking 15 yr old. I hated the way I looked and felt up top. Even my mum said, it's as if you haven't ever developed there, she was shocked. As I always wore padded bra's.

So I went along to see Dr Sleiter and ended up booking in.
My friend had had hers done with him 6 yrs earlier and they looked fab, I also got a discount as it was a friend reccomendation, and was booked in for 3 months later!

I agree with the others, that having them doesn't instantly fix everything, and it's 6 months ish before you have lovely soft squishy boobs. But they are fab, and look great, and buying underwear and feeling confident in the bedroom and just in general is amazing!

I think if you have come this far, chances are you will go for it, and your just having jitters. But that's normal, we all did.

I'm glad I had it done. I would just say when trying he sizers on, go up and up til you feel big, and then go for the 1 size below. As it's mad how quickly you get used to them. Loads of people wish they had gone up, just a  nat! Well most people.

Good luck on your journey.

its mega exciting yahoo
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Re: How did you finally take the plunge?

Post by Sponsored content

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