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25th feb going to ask for revision!!

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25th feb going to ask for revision!!

Post by _wildflower_ on 2nd February 2016, 11:49 am

Booked to see my surgeon on 25th feb after getting a second opinion as I am just not happy with my results!!

I'm a positive thinking kinda person, and I have thought, if she corrects this stretched areola then it will all be ok, and I can cope with the rest.

But should I feel as though my results are something I should have to 'cope' with????

Just had a long look in the mirror and a feel around, this one implant still is sitting so high, and if I grab the implant in my hand it does't grab like a boob, its all above my nipple and in towards my chest.. And its just in a totally different position to the other one...

I cant even make the clevage the same by adjusting bra straps!

I am still paying my original BA, there is no way on earth I am going to be able to pay for more surgery, really getting me down I am just going to have to live with this result for so long now, just as embarrissed about my boobs as I was pre BA :'(

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Re: 25th feb going to ask for revision!!

Post by Lucy106 on 2nd February 2016, 12:41 pm

Well done for booking in and taking this step!!  I think you need to be very organised - write everything down that you are unhappy with and that you are querying.  Take someone with you for moral support if it helps.  Tell her what Mrs Kat said and also print out the responses from Real Self.

I don't think you should have to 'cope' with your boobs.  I would be definitely questioning her method with the areola revision and it also might be worth you researching smooth implants over the muscle.  I'm sure you said you had overs and using smooth implants over the muscle has a higher risk of CC.  I have smooth implants too but they were placed under the muscle which has the same statistics and level of risk as using textured.  I know generally you can't claim a free revision for CC (with most private surgeons anyway), however you should definitely question her methods. 

If she will be doing the revision on the areola then perhaps she would agree to a total re-op.  I would go in aiming for that and be strong with your opinions - don't ask her - tell her.  This isn't to say you need to be rude or arrogant - just confident with what you want and what you should be entitled to.

I'm no expert though and am very good at dishing out advice then turning complete wall flower when put in a similar situation myself... but you should certainly try and assert yourself!!

Good luck - let us know how it went.  Really want you to be happy - you deserve to be happy with your boobs! xx
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Re: 25th feb going to ask for revision!!

Post by Mammamia on 2nd February 2016, 1:07 pm

Definitely make a list, and ensure each point is covered before you leave. I would keep all your second opinions in your back pocket and see what her response is first, give her the opportunity to hopefully agree with you and agree to put it right. If her opinion disagrees, then either tell her about the 2nd opinions or tell her that you'll seek a 2nd opinion and see if that's enough to make her budge. Perhaps ask for a 2nd opinion from another surgeon at the same clinic.

I agree you don't need to 'cope' or just accept them. You've paid a lot of money for a procedure that needs to see you as an individual with individual needs. Ask if she would be satisfied with the results if they were hers, and if she tells you its all down to the 'before' anatomy explain that this should have been highlighted before so you could have made an informed choice over whether to go ahead.

But something can be down so go in there confident about your rights and with the added knowledge from your 2nd opinions. Good luck x
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Re: 25th feb going to ask for revision!!

Post by BkozK on 2nd February 2016, 3:05 pm

Just wanted to say best of luck xx
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Re: 25th feb going to ask for revision!!

Post by Charlii on 2nd February 2016, 5:43 pm

I agree with everything above - write it down, and take someone with you. Its so easy to walk in there with the 'script' in your head, and walk out a quivering mess! Stay strong. And no, absolutely you should 'cope' with them, you've paid a sh1t-ton of money to get the boobs you want!! They should reop.


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Re: 25th feb going to ask for revision!!

Post by Twinky on 4th February 2016, 7:46 am

Good Luck _wildflower_
You sound like your in the right frame of mind to go for it. Your not happy, you paid a lot of money, so no you shouldn't just put up with them, absolutely not.

I agree its hard speaking up, but if somethings not right, it has to be donw.

I wish you all the luck in the world. Hug
Go for it, xxx
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Re: 25th feb going to ask for revision!!

Post by Sponsored content

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