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Advice for choosing a surgeon!!

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Advice for choosing a surgeon!!

Post by _wildflower_ on 28th January 2016, 3:12 pm

From someone 9 months post op!!

So just a bit of hind sight from me!

Do not be afraid of having loads of consultations with different surgeons, you can never have too many!! From experience!

If you are going for just an enlargement, the high street clinics are more interested/specialise in that...MYA, Harley, Transform etc. 

I didn't find any of the high street clinics to have much interest in doing more than a straight forward enlargement. They were also sales people who have sales tactics to make you choose them, be aware of this before you go and it will help you think clearly! 

So if you need more than just a straightforward enlargement, the private clinics and smaller clinics and places like Spire BMI have more specialist surgeons.

I went to all the High st clinics for consults and then my 4th consult was at BMI with a specialist, I was presented with my first solution involving a lift/areola reduction etc, which was the answer I was looking for.

Because this was the first surgeon providing me with this solution I chose that surgeon, yes I got the answer I was looking for, but there may be other answers too!!  You may find some better solution if you have just another consult, but without looking for as many answers as possible, you do not give yourself the option of choosing the best possible option available.

So please get as many opinions as possible, just because one makes you happy, do not stop, because someone else might make you even happier than that!!

In hind sight I should have gone to see more specialists, and got different opinions on ways the lift/enlargement combination, really what I did is went with the first surgeon who said they could do what I wanted, and I shouldnt have counted my 3 consults and harley, transform and mya as all they spoke about was enlargements and they were not interested in meeting my concerns. Nearly all initial consults are free, so just keep going, you can never have too many! not judge surgeons harshly on their website! 

Just because someone has an amazing website or a website with less info on should not decipher wether or not you go for a consult, you never know what a surgeon is like/is capable of until you go and meet them face to face and see how they work! 

What happened to me?? The one with the worser website gave a more thorough consultation! She also told me I had paid a lot of money for my one!! So go and see as many as possible in your area. Do not judge harshly by websites!!

If you find a surgeon you really like at a private clinic, they will probably work for a few different clinics, maybe even 3! So find out where they all are and the pricing with all the clinics/hospitals that surgeon works for, you may end up getting the exact same procedure with the same surgeon for different prices purely because the hospital fees vary from hospital to hospital.

Even if they work at 2 BMI hospitals....the 2 BMI hospitals may have totally different fees! So always check it out!

Finally, please please get the best aftercare package you can, you never never know what might happen even if you go with the best surgeon in the world something could go wrong, that is just the way it is! Skimping on aftercare may save you money at the beginning, but may end up costing you thousands in the's not worth it...I promise!!

Use this forum, it is invaluable! Everyone on here is so helpful, they all have experience you can learn from and will always be here to support you!

Go on other forums too, look at pictures, look at to see what doctors are saying, do as much as you is all worth it it the end :)

All the best xox
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Re: Advice for choosing a surgeon!!

Post by Carrierowland on 28th January 2016, 3:54 pm

Very good advice wildflower xx
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Re: Advice for choosing a surgeon!!

Post by Twinky on 28th January 2016, 4:15 pm

Great advice wildflower.
Hope your doing ok xx
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Re: Advice for choosing a surgeon!!

Post by Lucy106 on 28th January 2016, 4:37 pm

Amazing advice. Lovely of you to take time to do that for the newbies! X
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Re: Advice for choosing a surgeon!!

Post by Charlii on 28th January 2016, 8:20 pm

Excellent advice! Great post, thank you for sharing :)


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Re: Advice for choosing a surgeon!!

Post by LindaP on 28th January 2016, 9:00 pm

Great post! Thank you for sharing your perspective xx
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Re: Advice for choosing a surgeon!!

Post by ScotsGirl78 on 29th January 2016, 4:16 pm

Thanks! What fab advice :)

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Re: Advice for choosing a surgeon!!

Post by mooomin on 3rd February 2016, 8:47 am

Good advice, I wish these clinics weren't aloud to trade, making money from people's bodies and fobbing them off after major surgery. My surgeon was 20minutes from home in a local private hospital being one of the best specialists in breast surgery, reconstruction surgery and other major plastic surgery also working on the NHS. I paid less than any of the high street clinics and have a hospital I can walk into any time of day and day of the year should any issue arise. being comfortable with your aftercare is so vital and travelling into a city street clinic for the day is not the answer to perfect new boobs.
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Re: Advice for choosing a surgeon!!

Post by daisychain15 on 3rd February 2016, 6:18 pm

Lovely advice and very true xx
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Re: Advice for choosing a surgeon!!

Post by Sponsored content

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