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Finally just going for it! BA + Mini TT - Dr Payne

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Finally just going for it! BA + Mini TT - Dr Payne

Post by Newstart2015 on 27th January 2015, 1:32 am

I am putting all you ladies out of your misery, after what is probably the longest waiting time for cosmetic surgery & most research ever, & agonising over every minute detail, I am finally in less than 3 weeks going to get my body somewhat back to it's BC state! 

I went from having the perfect body to not recognising myself anymore & losing a lot of my confidence & identity in the process after getting married, getting pregnant, putting on lots of weight, having a c section, breastfeeding and then losing the baby weight over the last few years.. 

I would never have done anything about it if I hadn't met Dr Payne & for that I would always be grateful for giving me the solution I didn't even know existed.. 

With my breasts we are going to fix the problem, so I will be the same size just without the rippling, a natural look hopefully & a bit of an internal lift either with the round moderates or anatomical XHP. The fact that he can do that with internal stitches & knows how to match the size to the person's frame & size is just astounding. I feel so calm & reassured when I am with Dr Payne, I know I don't have to worry about his ability, & that he will deliver an amazing result. That's probably I forget to ask questions till after!

It's only later when I speak to other people who then offer different solutions, or their own opinion, or make me doubt whether I am doing the right thing, or make me feel guilty about the money or time I am putting into this that I then start to worry about whether I am making the right choice or whether I should look into different options.. 

With my tummy, fine I may now be at my BC weight, & may not have as much fat as I did before, but I can also research & spend £££ over the next 12 months trying to find a solution, that may not deliver the results that I want or just go for the surgical solution & get the result that I want & will never be able to achieve with skin firming treatments..

My time is precious & I've wasted enough as it is, I don't want to be doing this in 12 months time again or spend the next year going to different salons trying out different treatments whether I pay for them, or not. I have so many plans & hopes & don't want to keep putting everything on hold... 

Dr Payne is not only tightening the skin he is also stitching my stomach muscles completely flat together which is not even something all cosmetic surgeons would do especially where there isn't a lot of fat. Plus he is also lowering my C section scar. 

The company I work for their cars are all German (Audi & Volkswagen) & I know how good the engineering & steering & feel & technical aspects were. It doesn't matter that they're not the most glamorous of brands or have the best marketing, or the most personal, approachable or modern, the most important thing is that they do what they're meant to do exceptionally well, deliver results & have a reputation for excellence based on experience & what they have proven to have delivered in the past. 

All the problems I have had with THG & Dr Payne also are mine, and mine alone. It was my fault for not doing my research into anatomicals or different surgeons or options before I had my consult, & if I had been brave enough to ask questions or for extra consults, directly instead of being scared or shy, or kept in touch with the surgeon I wouldn't have had all the problems & worries that I have had.. Plus a lot of my worries have been external & to do with worries about my life and nothing to do with the surgeon or his abilities..

THG & Dr Payne have been amazing putting up with me & my worries & accommodating me late on two Sundays for consults.. & Whilst I think Dr Payne should be based in London , to getsometimes to the wider market, I think it is definitely worth going up to the Midlands to see him, because he is one of the best surgeons I know of in the UK, & sometimes it is worth making the extra effort to get an amazing result especially if you want to be in good hands.. 

I met this wonderful surgeon today, who is older & really experienced, and he said to just go for it. you will never be able to achieve the result this surgeon can give you with non-surgical options & you need to prioritise yourself at this time & move on with your life.. & fixing my physical self will really help me feel like myself again & give me my confidence that I used to have BC. 

So that's exactly what I am going to do, am going to stop feeling so guilty for being a mum & doing this for myself & hopefully move on to bigger & better things this year & the next thanks to Dr Payne & THG.  Give You Give You Give You Give You Give You

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Re: Finally just going for it! BA + Mini TT - Dr Payne

Post by camilla85 on 27th January 2015, 8:47 am

Aww what a great story, not long to go now for you - well done@
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Re: Finally just going for it! BA + Mini TT - Dr Payne

Post by Newstart2015 on 27th January 2015, 9:11 am

Thank you!

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Re: Finally just going for it! BA + Mini TT - Dr Payne

Post by Loubeeloujack on 15th February 2015, 8:32 pm

I've booked ba with Michael Payne after finishing having 5 children didn't think of mini tummy tuck do you mind me asking how much that would be additional to ba thanks and good luck x
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Re: Finally just going for it! BA + Mini TT - Dr Payne

Post by Charlii on 16th February 2015, 9:18 am

Hi Lou. Best person to speak to would be your surgeon. I think THG have they're guide prices posted online, so have a look there, then maybe ring the clinic for more advice.


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Re: Finally just going for it! BA + Mini TT - Dr Payne

Post by Sponsored content

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