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time for legal?? please help

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time for legal?? please help

Post by hayley1776 on 30th May 2014, 4:31 pm

After having BA in june 2013 with 300 mhp partial left breast 'bottomed out'. I was offered free pocket revision which I had in April 2014. After op extremely painful and implant felt mishapen (lumpy at the bottom) and on 17/05 internal stitches 'popped' or gave way and the implant has now dropped back, with terrible rippling all around the implant.
Had 6 week post op with PS (mr netri of Transform) yesterday 29/05. In the appointment he agreed that the revision had been unsuccessful but then posed me with 3 options.
A. to have the revision again but giving the fragility of the tissue inside my breast there would be high risk of failure again. B. replace implants for TFS/TFX (which I was never offered the use of at my initial consultationin 2013) which would be fuller and get rid of rippling, however there would be a risk of the implant 'flipping over'. C. (which Mr Netri advised would resolve problem fully without doubt) replace remove and replace both implants and do uplift (which on my initial consultation in april/may 2013 he advised was not necessary as i just needed 'filling up').
I was then handed over to the co-ordinator who advised option A would of course be free, option B would be the difference in cost of implants £500, then option C I would be charged for removal, new implants and uplift at £3500 - on top of the 4500 i have already paid!
All this bearing in mind i only have an issue with my left boob. I am absolutly astonished that they feel that they can put me in this position as i obviously want them to be right but feel i will have to settle. Would it be time to get legal advice as I have done nothing wrong. Granted the mhp warranty does not cover severe rippling but surely the company has a responsibility to its patients to correct 'faults' with operations at no cost.
Any advice from anyone would be greatly appreciated, feel as im stuck between a rock and a hard place. Please help.
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Re: time for legal?? please help

Post by krizzooo1 on 30th May 2014, 10:20 pm

Surely they should offer to cover the "best" option in order to remedy the problem! I am sorry I cannot offer advice, I read your post and felt I didn't want to leave without comment.
Im so sorry you are going through this, it's awful to have any problems as a result of BA and I hope it gets sorted for you.
All I can offer is best wishes  there, there  Hope someone can come by with advice soon enough xx
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Re: time for legal?? please help

Post by rachelw287 on 31st May 2014, 12:45 pm

Can I ask why the implant would flip over? Are they anatomical and there is only as very small risk of that happening. What about the PU coated implant that would reduce risk of flipping further. I think you need to get a second opinion also xx
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Re: time for legal?? please help

Post by hayley1776 on 31st May 2014, 2:57 pm

thanks for your comments and concern ladies, much appreciated.
I had originally 300 cui mhp which are apparently on approx 80% full silicone (more chance of rippling) the recommended replacements are cui tfs/tfx which are apparently 100% full therefore rounder and if not secured (for want of better phrase) with an uplift they have a chance of 'flipping' as they are rounder.
spoke to legal helpline and they seem to think I may have a case anyway as also some sensation of feeling lost in left breast since having the unsuccessful revision.
Also surgeon also tried to lay the blame for rippling on weight loss, however I have since put back on around 8lbs and its looking worse.
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Re: time for legal?? please help

Post by COOKIE on 13th June 2014, 2:20 pm

Unfortunately it is likely that if you need an uplift then you will have to pay hun...

Transform are complying with their aftercare which only covers your initial surgery and you did not have an uplift when you had that. They are willing to replace for free offering you the free revision in accordance with the aftercare you took out. So legally they haven't done anything wrong lovely...

Sadly I hit a similar circumstances myself with transform and did also seek legal advise. This is how I know Hayley and it cost me a further £4,500 so you've been offered a good deal if you do want the uplift as well.

If this legal team you've spoken to though do feel you have a case, it may be worth pursuing, but do get a second opinion also before pursuing because the legal costs also could prove to be very expensive also. Xx

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Re: time for legal?? please help

Post by Sponsored content

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