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capsulotomy - recovery, what happens?

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capsulotomy - recovery, what happens?

Post by NickyP on 9th September 2013, 6:38 pm

Hi girls
Do any of you know or experienced yourselves the recovery and healing that happens after a capsulotomy? So I had this done on Tuesday last week and its where they remove the implant and score the scar tissue rather than a capsulectomy where they actually peel the scar tissue away from the implant. So far the boob in question looks swollen on the right hand side and looks bigger than the left one. You can see that it's starting to look more like the left one but it has a way to go yet! Today I had my stitches taken out so I can have a proper shower tonight yay!
Any advice would be gratefully received :-)
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Re: capsulotomy - recovery, what happens?

Post by LJR on 9th September 2013, 6:53 pm

I don't have any experience but I wanted to send my get better soon vibes, and really hope that the surgery has been a success x
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Re: capsulotomy - recovery, what happens?

Post by COOKIE on 9th September 2013, 8:15 pm

I had a capsulectomy babe and it honestly floored me. I'm not one to moan about pain at all, but that really did take it out of me. We've had a couple of women here go through a capsulectomy as well and they suffered the same. Its a big deal to go through hun. I know a capsulomy isn't quite the same but its still lot of trauma on the breast. Far more than just having replacement revision sweetie... So I'd look to maybe two weeks before you get over the worst of the swelling hun and its should start getting better from there

Big hugs for you Hug 

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Re: capsulotomy - recovery, what happens?

Post by Sponsored content

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