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Have my expanders in, but I have thin skin

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Have my expanders in, but I have thin skin

Post by tashab1 on 13th November 2012, 12:46 pm

Hi all, finally had my expanders in 29th october, I think they are overs as I dont have a lot of muscle on my chest, especially since having my rib reconstruction, or maybe the scars were too bad to reopen again to go under muscle, anyway I have 200mls in my right boob and 100 mls in my left, which has almost (probably about 90%) evened them up. I went back to the hospital yesterday to be told they can't start filling them up more yet as the skin on my right is way to thin, I can feel the entire implant, its a little horrible, but any tips on how I can thicken and strengthen the skin, the nurse was a little concerned about the implant being pushed out! I can't have that happen, i;ll look even worse then I did before the implants if they take them out now! grrr nothings easy, please help!
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Re: Have my expanders in, but I have thin skin

Post by Cat1985 on 13th November 2012, 3:35 pm

Hey hun, sorry to hear your having a rough time. I'm not sure how you can thicken your skin but maybe it will strengthen with having the expanders in filled how they are at the moment and just left for a bit. Sorry I can't be much help xx
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Re: Have my expanders in, but I have thin skin

Post by balamoryyellfruit on 20th November 2012, 7:33 pm

I don't know of/if a way to thicken your skin chick, did you ask at the clinic? Just stay positive and remember that at least you're in the process and it's starting to get done Hug sorry i can't be more help but here if you need to talk x x x
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Re: Have my expanders in, but I have thin skin

Post by misf1 on 21st November 2012, 12:39 am

I did have a quick google and it looks like you may be able to get skin collagen enhancing prescription stuff with Retin-A it may be worth talking to the surgeon. However as the thinness is only due to the implant stretching out the skin, it may be that time will be the best healer. Eating a balanced diet will help with your healing cause you will get all the good stuff your body needs to repair itself.
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Re: Have my expanders in, but I have thin skin

Post by COOKIE on 21st November 2012, 12:41 pm

I agree with misf1 lovely, it's probably only going to be time will will help, as the skin starts to relax over the implant hopefully it wall then regenerate and thicken up enough for you lovely.

Really hoping it goes well for you sweetheart and you know we're here if you need us Hug xx

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Re: Have my expanders in, but I have thin skin

Post by Louise91 on 24th November 2012, 1:02 pm

Hi Tash,

It really is time that will do it. I also had an expander for assymmetry, and after my first expansion it was so tight it was literally up by my clavicle. After that I had to wait quite a few weeks until it settled and I could be filled again. It varies from week to week as well...some weeks I could tolerate 90ml but the next no more than 30ml. Just listen to your doctors, there were times where I was realy frustrated and I wanted them to put more in, but they really do know best!
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Re: Have my expanders in, but I have thin skin

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