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Post by starjem on 7th April 2012, 3:54 pm

Ive been reading on here and alot of ladies assume they have it but have not been diagnosed with it.

I would like to hear from ladies who have had CC and about their symptoms, just to clarify for us all what is actual and not assumptions.

Thank you in advance for any replys.
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Post by misf1 on 10th April 2012, 7:50 pm

There is baker grades 1 - 4 of capsular contracture

for those who dont know what it is:

The body will naturally tend to form a protective barrier between itself and a foreign object within the body. This reaction occurs with breast implants. In fact, every breast implant will first cause an inflammatory reaction in the breast. However, when this process progresses too far and causes certain symptoms, it is not normal and earns the diagnosis: capsular contracture.

grade 1 is every woman with implants

Breast hardness – One of the first indications that there may be a problem with the breast implant is either the patient or a sexual partner notices that that breast is harder than it was before surgery or presumably harder than it should be. In low grade capsular contracture, the breast may simply feel hard with deep palpation.

 Pain or tenderness – Many women with capsular contracture report that their augmented breasts are tender or painful to the touch. In cases of more severe capsular contracture, the breasts may be sore almost all the time.

 Visible distortions – Because a hardened shell forms over the breast implant, capsular contracture may lead to a distorted breast. The breast implant (or capsule) may be clearly noticeable in the mirror or to the examining physician. In less severe cases, the breast abnormality may only be visible with certain movements, like raising the arms above the head.

 Signs of inflammation – Since capsular contracture is an inflammatory process, the breasts may appear pink or red, swollen, and slightly warm. These symptoms of capsular contracture are less common since the breast implant is relatively deep under the skin and other tissues.

Here is a lovely ladies story of her experience with CC

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