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had my first nhs consultation.. :(

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had my first nhs consultation.. :(

Post by Helen-the-melon on 23rd September 2011, 10:33 pm

So i went to my first nhs consultation yesterday finally - only 5 and 1/2 months of waiting :/ ...
and i feel just let down yet again :(
i have asymmetrical breasts and they have bothered me for a long time...and now im 21 and ready for surgery....only to be told its going to be ages it seems as its turned out a lot more complicated than i first thought.
i went along thinking 'great i can discuss the options of surgery to fix the asymmetry', only to be told i have a severe chest deformity - i have never really noticed before but now ive been told i can tell, and it is this that has basically caused the big difference in size.
So now i have to go get a mri to make sure this 'hollow'chest isnt compressing my lungs...aaagh :'(
and as well as this, the surgeon said i have mild scoliosis,(something else i never knew i had) and said i need to be referred to someone to look at that too.
i came out of the consultation feeling like one big deformity :( and the surgeon wont do anything about my boobs until all this has been seen. i cant help but just feel sad and disappointed about it all.
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Re: had my first nhs consultation.. :(

Post by mistyhoney on 24th September 2011, 9:32 am

(((hugs))) i think you have to look on the bright side of this, after you have all been properly checked out you might have the chance to get the shape/ size you have been waiting for!

I remember when i went for my first consultation and they pointed out to me about some size difference i had never noticed before, i felt quite hurt about it but now know that it will all be fixed soon enough so i shouldn't really worry!

NHS is a looong slow process, its taken 4 years for me but thats me now just waiting for my surgery date, its sounds like a long time but its went so fast and will be well worth it!

Misty x
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Re: had my first nhs consultation.. :(

Post by misf1 on 25th September 2011, 2:18 pm

I'm sorry it has made you feel bad about yourself hun, but you are no different to how you were before. Do not let it bother you. You will get your boobies one day, it can be a long process for a lot of us hun, so we know how dissapointing it is, whether we have to wait on the NHS or save up. It will happen for you one day hun,
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Re: had my first nhs consultation.. :(

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