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Thinking about surgery on the NHS?

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Thinking about surgery on the NHS?

Post by RoxyChick on 23rd June 2011, 1:12 pm

Do you have small boobs?
Does it make you sad?
Do you wish they were bigger?
Can you not afford surgery?

These aren't reasons enough to have surgery on the NHS. If you think it's a free and easy option... sadly you're mistaken!

Surgery paid for by the NHS is a long and stressful procedure. Usually only exceptional cases are considered, such as severe deformities like the muscle never developing or asymmetry, where one breast is at least two or three cup sizes bigger than the other. Just having small boobs is bound to get rejected.

You'll need to see your GP, who may refer you for therapy and counselling. Then it will have to be considered by your local PCT. They have the final say on all procedures carried out on the NHS. Even if you have a cause to have surgery on the NHS, they may well reject you anyway!

The NHS has come under much scrutiny for allowing elective surgery to take place (elective in the sense that small breasts cause no physical pain or damage to your person) and they're severely cutting down the amount of applications.

If you do manage to get accepted, please be aware that you will not be offered the same choices as the majority of girls on here. You will probably have a surgeon decide your size and the implant make. They will basically do what they can to fix the problem. This may mean having one implant, or using smaller implants.

You won't have a leg to stand on if they're too small or not the shape you wanted as only the original problem is being fixed. This isn't a cosmetic procedure, otherwise it wouldn't have been accepted.

I just thought I'd write this as I'm not sure that many girls realise the struggle some of our members have been through. We've seen girls absolutely crushed when their case is rejected, it's been horrible to see these girls hanging on a shred of hope then only to have it crushed. It's a massive mental and emotional journey, probably more so than those who choose to pay privately.

If you decide you want to try the NHS route we'll be here. However please don't think it'll be an easy ride and please ensure you're emotionally ready for the added stress.

Hi girls, and welcome to BJSforum

I'm Roxy, your administrator and the founder of the forum. If you need any help please contact Cookie or any of the mods


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Re: Thinking about surgery on the NHS?

Post by lauraj666 on 24th July 2011, 7:25 pm

Hi I was just wondering if the NHS would consider doing a reduction and an uplift? As I cant find any information on the internet about it and I am a bit scared to go to my GP.

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Re: Thinking about surgery on the NHS?

Post by wanting on 28th August 2011, 12:33 pm

thank you for the information you provided in this written peice, it great to hear it how it is.
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Re: Thinking about surgery on the NHS?

Post by tashab1 on 4th October 2013, 12:17 pm

Yes definitely a physically and mentally challenging procedure.  Its taken me 2 1/2 years so far, as long as all goes well, last surgery taking place Monday, seriously cannot wait til its over! x
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Re: Thinking about surgery on the NHS?

Post by Sponsored content

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